Atlanta Police Officer Indicted For Shooting Man In Face

Tramaine DavisOff Duty Atlanta Police Officer Reginald Fisher has been indicted for shooting Tramaine Davis in May of 2008 outside an Atlanta Development Authority Apartment Complex. See

 In my opinion a Police Officer who maintains secondary employment as an armed security guard is foolish. It is only a matter of time for something to go wrong.  And so it did for Atlanta Police Officer Reginald Fisher who has now been indicted by a grand jury shooting Tramaine Davis in the face.( photo above)

It’s impossible to act in a civilian capacity after being trained to react as a Police Officer.  More importantly you don’t have the tools to act in a professional capacity ( i.e. radio, communication support, back up, non lethal weapons, a partner and a full depth of the person, place of situation you are dealing with).

40 Second Gap In Video Tape Furnished By Victim to Press

Fox News has presented a video that shows the Mr. Tramaine Miller entering a residential complex. His family has stated he was there to visit a relative who is a quadriplegic. He was in the complex at night and stayed for less than five minutes.

According to a video of an unidentified Police Officer at the scene that night who shockingly speaks to the press states that the Officer saw the man make a furtive movement in or about a car he was entering parked outside the apartment building called “City Views at Rosa Burney Park Apartments which is owned by the Atlanta  Development Authority. ( see

The press states that Officer Fisher has only one year with the Department. ( See  Further it appears that the Officer was out on bond due to a domestic incident in Clayton County where charges are pending.

Accorrding to the local paper there may be an open “gun useage” charge pending against the officer.

Mr. Davis is recovering but he is unable to work as the injuries have been slow to heal and disabled him He has a 12 year old child and his wife is struggling with the mortgage.

This is an interesting case due to the gap in the video. I will be adding information as I can get a hold of it.

Needless to say a bad situation for the young Officer. Atlanta Police starting salary is about $40,000.00 See capping out at $57,0000.00   Assuming he was working this unauthorized secondary employment to make ends meet. It appears the temporary cash infusion may have permanently ended his police career.


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