San Jose Police Using Head Cam’s.

San Jose Police Photo AP Of Officer with Head Cam


San Jose Police have begun a pilot program “head cams” in which video cameras are being placed on the heads of Police Officers to record their actions. 

More and more we are observing news media, bloggers and amateur video’s of police interaction with civilians. Usually it’s the controversial incidents that wind up on YOUTUBE such as Police using force against a person or group of people. Recently one such video posted on YOUTUBE stirred strong emotions   Police Officer displayed his gun where a large crowd had gathered and were throwing snowballs. 

Most Police Agencies now have vehicle dashboard mounted cameras to record incidents. The are material evidence which can bolster the police narrative of events. If  police misconduct occurs it will also be documented and both departmental and criminal discipline may result.  Digital plate readers are now being used, as well as all types of recording devices in what Jeremy Bentham described as invisible omniscience. 

Is it logical technological progression for Officers paid by the public to record their daily performance. Is it overly intrusive. If Police are recorded 24/7 should teachers, pilots, judges, elected officials also be required to wear such a device?


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