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White House Gate Crasher Narcisistic Traitors and Burglars

“Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.”Oscar Wilde

The recent White House crashes’ are indicative of much larger problems facing society.  ( see ) They break down all borders and test everything in  feeding their insatiable unbridled  appetite of selfishness. I have problems with this couple and they way in which they embarrassed the President, his administration, the Secret Service and the nation. Yet they are not alone their conduct is repeated everyday by millions of narcissistic Americans

In one photo they are standing with the Marine White House Guard, young men chosen no doubt because of their bravery and outstanding performance during war-time operations. They took pictures with real  war national heroes. They used the heroes because  in their world the Marine Guard were nothing more than Madame Trudeau Wax Museum props. Trust me they have no shame, they have no guilt and will demand they be viewed as patriots for exposing lack Secret Service security measures. That the President’ was holding a State affair to honor his guest surrounded by important guest who could improve relations between two nations has now been overshadowed by this criminal act.

Tareq and Michaele Salahi are not alone but they raise the bar on deviant behavior without borders. They are Traitors and  Burglars they intentionally, and knowingly trespassed into the White House with the conscious objective to self promote themselves with a reckless disregard for the trouble and embarrassment they would cause to the  nation .

No doubt heads will roll, but the proximate cause of this was these two low life’s. Mark Sullivan who rose threw the ranks to be the Director of the Secret Service may be fired because of these two. ( See 

Without being a conspirator guy did these folks act alone. Was someone bribed to allow these phony’s to obtain high level clearance?  Just as with the wizards of wall street they don’t care about anyone, anybody, anyhow, they just want their money, their publicity. That they embarrassed the  President the White House staff and Secret Service is inconsequential. Just like Wall Street and the Banks  that they harmed the nation and good health of the nation they got their piece of the pie and the hell with everyone else.


Atlanta Police Officer Indicted For Shooting Man In Face

Tramaine DavisOff Duty Atlanta Police Officer Reginald Fisher has been indicted for shooting Tramaine Davis in May of 2008 outside an Atlanta Development Authority Apartment Complex. See

 In my opinion a Police Officer who maintains secondary employment as an armed security guard is foolish. It is only a matter of time for something to go wrong.  And so it did for Atlanta Police Officer Reginald Fisher who has now been indicted by a grand jury shooting Tramaine Davis in the face.( photo above)

It’s impossible to act in a civilian capacity after being trained to react as a Police Officer.  More importantly you don’t have the tools to act in a professional capacity ( i.e. radio, communication support, back up, non lethal weapons, a partner and a full depth of the person, place of situation you are dealing with).

40 Second Gap In Video Tape Furnished By Victim to Press

Fox News has presented a video that shows the Mr. Tramaine Miller entering a residential complex. His family has stated he was there to visit a relative who is a quadriplegic. He was in the complex at night and stayed for less than five minutes.

According to a video of an unidentified Police Officer at the scene that night who shockingly speaks to the press states that the Officer saw the man make a furtive movement in or about a car he was entering parked outside the apartment building called “City Views at Rosa Burney Park Apartments which is owned by the Atlanta  Development Authority. ( see

The press states that Officer Fisher has only one year with the Department. ( See  Further it appears that the Officer was out on bond due to a domestic incident in Clayton County where charges are pending.

Accorrding to the local paper there may be an open “gun useage” charge pending against the officer.

Mr. Davis is recovering but he is unable to work as the injuries have been slow to heal and disabled him He has a 12 year old child and his wife is struggling with the mortgage.

This is an interesting case due to the gap in the video. I will be adding information as I can get a hold of it.

Needless to say a bad situation for the young Officer. Atlanta Police starting salary is about $40,000.00 See capping out at $57,0000.00   Assuming he was working this unauthorized secondary employment to make ends meet. It appears the temporary cash infusion may have permanently ended his police career.

Crime and The Public Comfortably Numb

It’s a fact of life the journalistic community reports about daily crime but whether we here it on the radio, surf it on the web or tune in on the television to many the facts of the incidents are treated like the national weather report. A NIMBY attitude regarding crime surrounds Americans thinking but what is really scary is that Americans are comfortably numb about crime.

This week a 92-year-old senior was killed by a bullet as she sat in the sanctuary of her home. The accused killer is only 15. ee and Attending what is suppose to be a cherished memory of High School a 15-year-old girl is gang raped for over two hours and no one calls 911. See A priest is working in his church and is stabbed over thirty times by and employee of his parish. See

The  aforementioned crimes  and the facts surrounding the incidents are a precursor to the future and an  indicator of the type of  society  we have become . The late Senator Hubert H. Humphrey stated”  the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. ”

The questions begets itself  What has America Become? The answer is a sizable portion of Americans have no boundaries they are engaged in their own personal jihad devout of personal responsibility, and void of any care and emotion to those they have harmed. And if  caught the jail time  is short a temporary stop on their road to ruining more persons as nearly 70% of all violent felons return to prey again.  ( Recidivism rates See:

President Obama and his Attorney General recently commented about juvenile crime after a Chicago teen was killed by alledged gang members. For the video see The President and Attorney General Holden responded to this killing by giving Chicago a $500,000.00 grant aid. See and

But money is not enough to solve the problem.  One problem causing juvenile crime to rise is the prevalence of one family head of household families.  A study by the Cato Institute  ( see ) stated that a full 70 % of incarcerated juveniles come from single family homes.  According to educational studies a full 50% of marriages wind up in divorce ( See ) therefore  and immediately the children from divorced parents become ” at risk” juveniles.

The present disposable society and all the talk of “greening” are noble goals, but we have to look at how we are treating the most vulnerable in society. Recent criminal events indicate we are failing.



Banks Pimping The U.S. Taxpayers.

Pimping is vogue today and it’s  traditional definition of a person who solicits others to engage in prostitution has changed. A television show  named ” Pimp my ride” is illustrative of the modern definition. In the show they select a clunker vehicle , recondition and renovate the car with every fancy accessory in the book. The best part is the clunker owner expends no capital to for the work, nor does he physically get his hands dirty However Banker’s  are acting like the latter definition and the  “ho’s” are the U.S. Taxpayers adding another meaning to the oldest profession and vice in society.

Now some facts last week a prospective  client came to me and wanted to purchase a two family home in one of New York City’s Boroughs. The sales price was $3335,000.00. They  stated they could only afford a down payment of 3.5%.  I advised them that in the current mortgage market  this would be difficult.

He than presented me a pre-approval letter from a major bank.  He further presented a pre-approved for an additional $35,0000.00 I was shocked and alarmed could a major bank be reverting back to practices that caused our economic tsunami?

I sincerely yet erroneously assumed the banks were back to the negligent/reckless lending practices and they are but with a new twist it’s the U.S. Tax Payer playing the “HO”, the banks are just pimping Uncle Sam a/k/a the FHA Federal Housing Authority.

A recent study by Grant Thornton LLP, Banking Executives stated the current mortgage  crisis was caused by ” lax  underwriting standards, political emphasis on increasing home ownership and lack of oversight of the mortgage industry“.  See for the full report in pdf, See

Traditional professional lending standards required a would be  home buyer intending to purchase a home to ; place 20% down, have a good credit score; a satisfactory appraisal and verify employment.

A pimp is defined as a man who solicits customers for a prostitute. See A prostitute is defined as to devote to corrupt or unworthy practices.

The FHA is encouraging bad lending practices touting ” its easier to qualify ” , specifically  borrowers to place as little as 3.0 down on the purchase of a home and they don’t even have to prove they saved the money the down payment may be gift from a friend, relative or charity.   They go further  you can have a ” less than perfect credit score”, See

And placing a cherry on top of their theory you can have your cake and eat it to  FHA will give you another whopping $35,000.00 to “renovate” the premises under their 203K program.  Several banker’s pimping this to the max are advertising this program ” love the location hate the house  203 K is the answer.

I was wrong the banks have become mere conduits for the Federal Government’s FHA.  In the example above the borrower could place down a mere $12,500.00 and purchase a home. Additionally the FHA would give them monies above the homes appraisal value to finance so called “renovations” under their 203 K  rehabilitation loan program. See

A primary reason for our current recession and anemic economic situation was the banking industries lending unprofessional lending practices. This included  breaking with the past lending practices which required a borrower to place 20% down on a home.  They took it further allowing borrowers to place little or no down payment, no verification of income, false appraisals and simultaneously issuing a 2nd mortgage frequently a home equity loan and all with adjustable loan rates.

Here a realtor/banker brags about the program

For a full non biases footnoted review of our current subprime mortgage causes and solutions  New York Law School did a detailed study the federal government should read it. See

Police Pensions Non Sustainable

police car

In a study ” Fighting New Jersey’s Tax Crush, the report concludes that with average Police salary’s in excess of $80,000.00 and overtime averaging $20,000.00 are non sustainable. See For a national graph see

Teacher, Police and other civil servants unions are acting as though they are a “privileged class” and have a sense of entitlement.   Obviously some areas of the nation are more dangerous than others and as such police officer’s working in  high crime regions you would think are better compensated than peaceful hamlets. However the opposite is true as the larger cities cannot afford larger salaries.

An example of taxpayer abuse is Clarkstown New York where the Police Chief is earning over $300,000.00. See Many Police Officer’s can increase their pensions by earning overtime in their last 1-3 years of employment.  See

A New York fiscal watch dog is reporting that tax payers will have to increase contributions to municipal pension funds by 61% which they say are non sustainable.  See

California has already announced that public pensions are non sustainable. See

Don’t wait for union leaders to act in good faith negotiations for just as politicians bring home the bacon to secure votes, union leaders are judged similarly.  Recently in New York, the Lawyer’s, Cops and Teachers Unions were all accused of improper lobbying of elected officials. See

It’s pure greed  just like  in Aesop’s fables and they are killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

Blackberry Phones For All Baltimore Cops.

Female Officer & female driver using -300dpi

Today the City of Baltimore announded it will equip it’s Officer’s with Blackberry phones.

This will enable them to conduct  wireless outside the Police RMP warrant checks. Which appears to be a great concept and will improve efficiency. It’s being called the “pocket cop” see and

The Baltimore Police Union is not happy as the Blackberry have “GPS” so the supervisors can keep tabs on the Officers. See$48237

Unqualified Lightweight Named to Head NY Fed.

 An AFL-CIO Lobbyist named to head N.Y. Fed

An AFL-CIO Lobbyist named to head N.Y. Fed

The Federal Reserve has selected union boss  Denis Hughes, President of the N.Y.S. AFL- CIO to be head of the powerful N.Y. Federal Reserve See

1. Unqualified- Mr. Hughes is an electrician by training and is a partisan labor union hack. . Shockingly he was anointed despite his de mini mus – education.

2. He was appointed to the Federal Reserve as a “C” director, meaning a political selection with NO , ZERO , financial experience.  Given that we are in an economic tsunami and still teetering with a recession this appointment is reckless , unconscionable and shocking as he bring nothing to the  table in terms of leadership and experience to assist us out of our dire economic straits.

He attended  ” Empire College” where they award half of your credits to “life experience”. Empire is well known as home study course for “mature adults” who want to obtain an ez- college degree while maintaining their employment. Empire’s students are largely cops, fireman and other civil servants who are required to have a four year degree in order to advance to promotion in their respective trades.

Why, was he selected ? , where is the vetting process? What does this say about selecting the “best” candidates ?   Another example of defining deviancy downward. If Hughes had any common sense or commitment to America he would decline the appointment. This is like selecting a non physic an to be the Surgeon General. Hughes took over the union after the previous President was arrested for stealing money from the union. See

Troubling Hughes stated in 2001 his top priority was “affordable housing” as such he was one of the lobbyist who pushed for “affordable mortgages” See