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South African Police Kill 3 Year Old Child.

south african police

A recent shooting of a  three year old toddler  Atlegang Phalane wielding a pipe who was shot and killed and other shootings of young persons have made the public and authorities question the justification and authority of South African Police. See  and see 

Rightfully so the public is outraged at the incident and are justifiably questioning when police may discharge their guns in the performance of their duty.  The father of the child is quoted from the latter article stating ” the cop just stood bye sucking a lollipop as if nothing happened.”  To hear that account makes is chilling, and assuming such an account to be true  would be evidence of a gross indifference to human life. If such non verbal communication was displayed it is evidence of a cold, mean, wanton and dangerous agency not accountable to the public they serve and it’s leaders should be removed.


The most difficult decision that a Police Officer may have to make is whether to shoot or not to shoot. In the NYPD and most other cities and state we have strict guidelines which supercede the N.Y.S. and Federal Constitutional laws governing justification in shooting an individual. ( N.Y.S. Justification law see )

In South Africa the police may shoot at fleeing persons,  ( see )which is not permissable in New York. 

In 2008 107 South African Police Officers were murdered during the performance of duty. This is an extremely high number of fatalities and directly correlates with the violence the nation is experiencing. ( see ) In 2008 in all of the United States 138 Officer’s died in the line of duty ( see ).

In 2008 South African Police encounters( custody and actions ) resulted in the death of 912 persons.The murder rate in South Africa is 5 times that of our nation. ( See ) South Africa has seen an unbridled increase in violence which is reeking havoc and as a result the economic well-being of the nation is eroding.  For if folks don’t feel safe they won’t live or work in a city, state of nation. 

Symbolic of the terrible crimes in South Africa a female lesbian national soccer player Eudy Simelane  ( see )was the victim of a “corrective rape” she was stabbed over 12 times gang raped and thrown in a river. see

Nothing good can come from the death of a three-year old. However, it appears that as a nation this death, and that of the soccer star reflect a national anomie which if goes unchecked will be a fatal carcinogen to the nation. In the Christian Science link below even the Ambassador to the U.S. was stalked coming home from the airport and gunfire was exchanged with his attackers.

Topical Sites to Visit:

One website displays graphic images of farmers who in the post apartheid decades were murdered. See 

Human Rights Watch

African National Congress

Christian Science monitor on crime in South Africa and the dreams of post apartheid not realized


Iceland Economic Riots It’s Only The Beginning.

Today, I heard the news of riots in Iceland. Calls for the government to resign and attacks on a Police Facility after a protester was arrested.

The late great Justice Cardozo stated ” the harm that is reasonable to foresee defines the duty obligated”.

Iceland is a homogeneous nation, Caucasian blue eyed decedents of  Vikings. They are peaceful and have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. They were renown as Fisherman and had no political agenda or platform on the world stage close to out nation. But now RIOTS because there banks collapsed and with it the entire well being of it’s citizens.

Today, Americans are greatly overextended last night I observed on television one of those ” get rid of your debt ” firms. They stated the average American has ” 8″ credit cards.

Here is reality, A home worth less today than yesterday, 8 credit cards, a mortgage and home equity loan,( had to have a granite kitchen top)  car loans, ( had to have an Expedition)  trips and cruises on credit cards, ( I’m entitled to a cruise) borrowing from pension and retirement funds, ( You can’t take it with you, )  student loans that are in the hundreds of dollars, medical bills, co payments and dental expenses. We are a nation built on debt and we have been living beyond our means.

We will have our riots and we will not play as nice as the Icelander’s.

The passage of Proposition 8 in California denying gay Americans the right to marry is the first fault line.  Many in the gay community are shocked that the African American and Latino community did not support the effort for marital equality. This marginalization of civil rights will steadily increase with larger demonstrations. This will attract media attention and other groups will follow the tactic and groups will unite.  The second fault line will be the undocumented alien community ” DAY LABORERS” as the economy contracts they will be without work not able to feed their families  and taxing the non for profit ” activist” progressive community who will join them.  The largely Latino immigrant community will be organized by the Catholic Church whose future is dependent upon the Latino community support.   Lastly municipal workers will join as they have layoffs and are requested to take “pay cuts” because of a decreased tax base to the states.

Folks this will get scary. And the worst is yet to come.

David Bowie reflected on this in the 1974 with Young Americans, love from the Dick Cavett show, My how history repeats itself.

Republican Shotgun Fired; Obama-Ayers & Terrorists; Barney Frank-Gay Partner Fannie Executive

In Politics it was only a matter of time before the gloves came off. It is clear that Senator McCain’s advisers will now try to shift focus from the  tanking economy which is killing there campaign. They will now go to the “wille horton”,  and swift boat” playbook.  Keep the text in the below ad with minor tweaking and insert Barney Frank and terrorist Richard Ayers

Update October 5th Video Ayer’s Obama Connection ( I knew it was coming)

Ayer’s is the spoiled wrotten son of a big shot at Consolidated Edison, I gather Bin Laden another spoiled wrotten brat mimiced Ayer’s  terroristic bombing tactics.

Will it work, I don’t know. Barney Frank now under attack especially that media sources are reporting that  his ex lover  Herb Moses was a key employee at Fannie Mae and now is employed  in a career involving Pottery.  Researching Herb it appears he may be an insturctor of pottery at Palm Beach High School Moses is being portrayed as one of the master minds of affordable loan structuring. See and l

If Mr. Moses had dubious credentials ( educationally and peer recognition) in complex mortgage financing, such revelations suggest he got the job because of his connections to Mr. Frank.

Barney Frank barely escaped the hangmens noose when his relationship with a call boy on parole for narcotics and operating a whore house out of his premises was exposed. I think that Republicans will tie Frank and Obama to Fannie Mae dubious financing methods and there efforts to keep the entities afloat despite warnings in 2003 they were imploding.

It is clear that many members of the House received funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Obama received nearly $106,000.00 and Frank got $ 40,000.00.  see Obama has strong connections to the affordable housing industry.  Many believe that the pressure from elected officials to making housing affordable to  everyone was the catalyst behind our current credit meltdown. The New York Times reported that in 2003 the Bush administration tried to control Fannie and Freddie. see And the times  in the aforementioned article reported that Frank went on record and stated the agency’s were in good shape.  This Congressional endorsement by Frank may be juxtaposed to Senator Schumer negative comments on the now defucnt Indy Mac. Many believe that this statement caused a ” bank run” Even President Clinton is blaming Congress for Fannie and Freddy’s demise ”

Three years later, President Clinton’s Department of Housing and Urban Development tried to impose a new regulation on Fannie, but was thwarted by Frank. Clinton now blames such Democrats for planting the seeds of today’s economic crisis.

“I think the responsibility that the Democrats have may rest more in resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress or by me when I was president, to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,” Clinton said recently.

Conclusion watch the Republicans resort to proven techniques. Distance your self from substantive issues ( the economy) and divert attention to character issues ( which are fair game) Nepotism and favoritism for Fannie  Obama but linking him with Frank ( appealing to the anti gay constituency) . The Ayer’s attack well we all knew that was coming Obama, friend of terrorist, just tweak the Horton ad supra.

NYC Gay Ghettos Heading to Extinction

As a real estate attorney based in New York, I have represented hundreds of first time buyers. I have  warned folks that real estate is a market and it won’t always go up.  Don’t listed to me just look at what the former head of the Federal Reserve stated ” real estate has a long way to go before bottoming out.

I  have told clients that   real estate brokers and mortgage lenders are inherntly pure ” salespersons”.  As such they have a huge monetary stake in ” making the deal”, and that deal may not be in the best interest of a purchaser.  Of course there are nice realtors but there job is to “sell, sell and sell they are not ecomomic advisers, nor are they certified finanical planners. 

In Manhattan for the last 10 years buying anything resulted in unbridled appreciation ” theres gold in that manhattan” , and as  everyone was making money  no one complained. That may soon change. ( An un paralled down turn in the financial market not seen since the 1970’s, over mortgaging, tremendous mainteance costs, job layoffs, banking financial lending distress, will erode over priced manhattan real estate).

Increasing  as the rest of the country hurts Manhattan has been imune to the down turn.  Why?,  Largely because the dollar’s poor valuation has enabled euro spectators to capture a piece of the big apple and as such we have vast absentee owners who take up precious space and force full time residents  especially the young gay community out of New York.  Truth be told alot of Chelsea Boys who were prudent enough to purchase real estate in the last ten years have ” cashed in” on the robust market and are spending down and moving uptown to areas such as Harlem New York, which was historically an African American Community. See; 

This is causing  the Village and Chelsea traditional New York  gay mecca’s to lose some of it’s bohemic  artistic vibes , guppies are becoming extinct.

Places that we could hang in a non club enviornment  like the “BIG CUP” in Chelsea are long gone as it is more economically benefical for a landlord to have a chain drug or a starbucks in it’s place. ( albeit starbucks is now hurting) see;

And its not just New York’s gay meccas Washington D.C. is also home to qay flight.  In D.C. our community is leaving the Dupon Circle area. See; To me, on my travel trips I alway’s looked forward to visiting the gay enclaves, I felt safe there and looked forward to meeting, talking, dining and the party’s that make various american cities so fun. The loss of the gay ghetto’s will certainly impact on gay trave.

 Several  additional factors will make home ownership for our community increasingly difficult.  Many young gay men and women  relocated to metropolitan cities like New York for both increased gay friendly city and the employment opportunity.As we know many gay folk are influential  and employed in the arts, music, theater, public service,food indusry,entertainment, fashion and similar creative industires.  Like it or not Wall Street is the economic engine that drives and propels New York. Many of the anciallary business  especially arts, dining ,theater and entertainment thrive as unintended beneficiaries of Wall Street, and now the future is bleak. See; 

In summary, overpriced real estate, rising unemployment, financial and banking distress, and a looming recession will make it very difficult on the gay community to live in New York City especially Manhattan. And that is sad. And it’s not just New York see:


Gay “Design Star” Cop Suspended for Porno Movie

  The Hollywood Police Department put Michael Verdugo, 34, known as a contestant on HGTV’s “Design Star,” on administrative leave with pay Wednesday when authorities discovered he might have played a starring role in a 1996 porn film.” Source:

The issue here may be more complicated than  broad allegations of ” Homosteria” and Homphobia” in the Hollywood Police Department as they may or may not have contributed to his suspension.  One factor that my be causing him problems is in the application process to become a police officer.

Police Officer applicants must undergo an extensive background check, including past criminal record, driving record, employment record, drug testing, psychological  and references. An applicant who omits material background information will not be hired, as the applicant must “swear under oath under penalties of perjury “as to the truthfulness of his background. 

As such any police officer who knowingly lies on his application was hired fraudulently and under false pretenses as they were not honest.  We in the Police are frequently bashed by our critics for ” testi- lying ” under oath”.  It is essential to our society that police officers be honest.  Last year I chased two gun toting thugs, they shot a round in my direction, but all I could see was there asses and elbows as they ran from me. As such I could not identify them, this was the truth other factors enabled us to arrest them but I could not identify them.

So here, any officer not just a gay officer could be terminated, as the character trait of “truthfulness” is required of police applicants.  You should know most police agency’s will hire someone who has some blemishes in their record, minor arrests, tickets, and de -minimis character flaws. Police are not perfect just a reflection of society as a whole.

Now, if the Hollywood Police have retained other Officers who failed to disclose information in the applicant process this officer’s future may be decided on whether his failure to disclose his porno movie appearance is a material intentional omission to mislead the agency that hired him.  

How may homophobic bias come into play , if the agency does not want him and will fire him alleging fraud in the application process.  Legally, they can do this , however lets say another applicant in the past  a straight 8 officer also failed to disclose problems in his past. ( ie. lets say a ticket for sex in a car in a lovers lane location.)  If the police department reveiwed the matter and determined his /her overall performance  record was satisfactory, and decided to retain him. Now Officer Verdugo could state ( if he is fired) that the Hollywood Police acted arbitrarily and capricously in his termination as they kept stright officer who lied in the applicatioin process involving moral conduct, but terminated him because his moral conduct was ” deviate sexual gay behavior” .

Reality, Verdugo, is both gay and latino and I gather some reality star, I don’t know if he is a good cop one who works hard to get bad guys, backs up his fellow officers and is responsive to the community we serve. If he is a scammer, and just took this as a ” job” and was a poor police officer they might fire him.  I don’t know this guy  I hope he is a good cop and in my opinion appearing in a paid porno movie should not disqualify you from serving the public.


Bishop Tutu A Gay Role Model


In life we take a journey and for most of us the Irish saying that” the days are long but the year’s fly reflect the life of most of us in the working class. Many of the folks we meet are insincere, self centered, ambitious, lacking in manners, grace, charm and too often prejudicial in judging others.

Motivation to act is a form of behavior. Too many of us  including my self as well as  the current living generations act in infant like narcissistic behavior constantly as Frank Sinatra sang ” and have it my way.” What causes some to escape the lemming like, follow the pack mentality? Why do some fall off the path, get stuck, diverted, crash and burn or rust away from drug, alchohol, substance abuse or excessive vices? Why do some become great leaders? I don’t know but I know it when I admire them. Mandela, Tutu, Walesa, Gorbachev, Pope John, Churchill. Why do some leaders chose hate Khomeni, Hitler, Kim Jea Ku of Korea, Osama.

And why do the so called guardians  ( priests rabbis and in mans) of interpreting  the word’s of god albeit visa vi the bible or Koran, and scrolls chose to esphew words of hate  to their followers spreading fear, hate, animosity and stereotypes against those of us in the LGBTG community?   I don’t know and struggle to know why.

But there are great men and women who inspire me who take principled stands against all odds and often with a high risk of grave personal harm, incarcearation and even death. Remember in 1989 , the brave man facing a tank in China image-tianasquare.jpg

Bishop Tutu is one of those men.If you havent already made Bishop Tutu the fearless leader against racial apartheid one of your hero’s now is the time. Time and time again he is the sober beautiful beacon of understanding, compassion and what love means.

Bishop Desmond Tutu has chided the Anglican Church for it’s obsession with gays and stated the Church hould be confronting such issues as Hiv, Aids and Poverty. He stated that the church had an obsession with homosexuality, and that GOD MUST BE WEEPING AT SOME OF THE ATROCITES THAT WE COMMIT AGAINST ONE ANOTHER.” To read the whole article go to

For me Tutu is the man and his stance for gay community when he has no ” self Interest” is amazing. It makes me happy to know I am alive in a world with such great men.

Lets start a new federal agency to stop gay’s The BEA ” Bathroom Enforcement Agency”

In the aftermath of the Larry Craig toilet gate ” I’m not gay” I just get off in the men’s room incident it appears some police departments are now making copy cat arrests. For example in the N.Y.C. suburb county of Rockland police arrested 20 men including a priest ( shocking I know) the link is below.

More recently in a Florida bathroom mall local police arrested more men including a teacher. see for the details on this bathroom bust.

Now I don’t advocate public sex in public places. I strongly oppose conduct by individuals straight or gay in which they expose themselves in public especially in an area where children will be exposed . Adult sexual behavior ought to take place between consulting adults in a private location.

Police must act on the complaints made by citizens and if complaints are received by officials indicating lewd behavior by adults they must investigate the allegations. However, what disturbs me is that this enforcement and subsequent public press releases by police agencies seems to be increasing after the Craig footsie conduct at a public airport.

Do you ever see announcements such as i.e. ” Police bust Lovers Lane” 25 young couples some underage arrested for lewd behavior in town park”. Of course not and what that opens the door to is to deduce that ” selective enforcement” is being utilized.

As such gay men are being singled out for having sex in public places while heterosexuals who are also having sex in public places are not arrested. Again, I am not supporting public sex for the aforementioned reasons. But when law enforcement agencies target gay men only it reflects bias in enforcing laws. It causes disparate negative impact on gay men. Not only are the arestees publicly outed, they are shamed ( as perverts ) and vilified in the press, incur legal expenses, and the economic impact including the distinct possibility of losing a job will certainly be life altering. I recall that the singer George Michael was arrested on a similar public lewdness charge in Beverly Hills. I recall that the press also made had a field day ridiculing him.

While police agencies like the one I work for are always classifying crime data. Police respond quickly to crime trends and patterns. If the community is complaining about lewd behavior and children are being exposed to adult sex in public places the law mandates an arrest. But, do you seriously think anyone is complaining about the local lovers lanes? As such it gives police officials a neutral reason for the selective enforcement at gay public sex as opposed to heterosexual public sex.

Perhaps it is time for the gay community to conduct a study of the facts surrounding arrests for lewd behavior. I believe that the facts might suggest a disproportionate amount of lewd conduct arrests are of gay men. If that is the case it suggests selective enforcement which is discriminatory, in that gay men having sex or attempting to have sex, or meeting to have sex in public places are being arrested. In contrast to the heterosexual community who are told simply to ” move along” ” beat it” find another spot.

Trust me even Barney Frank wont’ run to the microphone to defend public lewdness. So take a leak and take a walk public bathrooms are not bathhouse’s! And speaking of bathouse’s ” The Ritz” starring Rosie Perez is a must see. So get out of the bathroom and go to broadway!