Permissable Heckling Kanye, Joe Wilson and Serena

Where have the virtues of  civility, manners and poise gone?

Congressman Wilson Republican Heckler

The recent heckling of the President by Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina See, the interruption of an award presentation to country singer Taylor Swift by singer Kanye West, see


Kanye Interrupts Taylor SwiftKanye Interrupts Taylor Swift

And the tennis legend Serena Williams  cussing out a line judge , see


All of these incidents are a reminder of how common “bad behavior” has become acceptable. Often it may be a tactical publicity decision to create a ” bad boy image which is prized in today’s society. Everyone want to be a “tough guy” or “gal”.

Everyday we see the bad boy and girl images from  trucks with oversized tires that drive recklessly.  A study bears this out as ” toughness” is a top consideration in the purchase of a pick up. See

People  engaged in “road rage” , “cutting” lines  or not waiting their turn in traffic. This is a form of “passive aggressive behavior. See

Half the people in the gym are pumping their egos , health concerns are not even a blip on their vanity ego’s.

Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.

Oscar Wilde


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