Madoff’s Big Pimpin Intimidated SEC Cops


I see it every day in my precinct. Young and some not so young Officer’s  responding to investigate a crime. They arrive and access the situation and are Impressed, Intimated and than Ignore facts which indicate ” bad guys”. The conduct is unprofessional and borderline malfeasance. It encourages more bad conduct as bad guys get brasher, bolder and bad-er, making it tougher for those Officer’s who do their jobs.

For example pulling up to a 911 call of drugs being sold at a specific  address with a detailed description and a call back number of a witness.  They observe a car and man fitting the description and he has a fancy car ” big pimp-in”, he has fancy jewelry, and a big loud mouth voice demanding to know why he is being ‘singled out” , harassed”.

A professional good cop will make common law Rights of inquiry asking him a series and observing his oral and physical response to the challenging questions.
Are you in possession of any drugs,  Hey, how did you make out in that old drug case we have against you,  when were you last arrested, why would someone call up and state you are dealing drugs,  do you have drugs in the car.?  This is good police work, but the Professor Gates incident is an example of how professional police work is skewed by the press and pundits.

If these questions were asked maybe the suspect would exhibit nervousness, run away, make a move to destroy the drugs. Instead they look around don’t observe anything and drive away, Drug dealers One, Cops 0.

Looks like the SEC investigators did the same thing with Madoff, impressed with his big “pimped crib office”.  They dropped off resumes UNREAL WHIMPY INVESTIGATORS. See


Sadly, the last decade or two has been defined by ” big pimp in” materialistic obsession and employees who perform at a mediocre level.

Who pays when government employees commit malfeasance, we do all the taxpayers who foot the bill from the greedy trial lawyers who reap billions from taxpayers who pay for the negligence of government workers.See

Trust me the lawsuits are lining up against the SEC for the Madoff scandal. See and here is one actual lawsuit.


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