Broward Sheriff A Serial Sexual Predator And Molestor

Openly Gay Broward Sheriff Arrested for Sexual Assault

Openly Gay Broward Sheriff Arrested for Sexual Assault

There has been and always be “perverts” and “sexual predators “who gain employment in occupations that permit them to manifest their sexual appetite. You see this with ( Teachers, Clerical, Coaches,Medical, Counselor and Police Officers). See

Today a Broward County Sheriff was arrested for sexually assaulting illegal immigrants. See,0,1484852.story .

The Miami Herald states ” Investigators said Monday they were preparing to file charges involving seven more male victims, and said there might be even more. The alleged victims range in age from 17 to 30, but all have something in common: They are undocumented immigrants, mostly from El Salvador and Mexico, who speak little English.”

Assuming the facts and affidavit to be true it is atypical of a sexual predator, they seek to exploit victims who are intimidated, afraid, or dependent upon the perpetrator.   It also show “premeditation” in that he “selected” and “targeted” only certain men, this is the “choosing the right tomato”  only those ripe would be chosen.

Those of us in law enforcement should not be surprised as we already know that many “pimps” exploit the legal status of their victims who they force into prostitution  nationally and internationally.  See

This Officer should go to jail as he is an aggressive predator who manipulated the system to gain employment to satisfy his  unbridled sexual appetite. The statistics bear out the fact that sexual offenders are four time more likely to be repeat offenders ” recidivist”  activity. See

This Sheriff is a double problem he has embarrassed hardworking gay officers who fight stereotypes that they are “freaks”  and law enforcement officers as a whole as he undermines the public faith in police officers. For a study of this discrimination and stereotypes see


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