President OBAMA “taps out” Calls Cambridge Police Officer

Now , we know the truth and the motive for the direct call to Sergeant Crowley of the Cambridge P.D. and the surprise personal appearance to the press this afternoon.  The motive  health care on the ropes which by the President’s own admisson  was being completely shadowed by the  press coverage over the President infusing himself into a Judaical matter for the courts.  Make no doubt about it this is a Freudian slip and Obama tapped out to fight on health care, but this is a “ROCKY” moment the President of the U.S. should never have been involved in a “local” matter, it demeans the office. In an article one writer states ” obama throws gates under the bus’ See

The President called the Cambridge Sergeant and spoke with him expresssing regret for “rachetting up, the Professor Gate incident. See

No, way does this call go down without the President’s team knowing the content of the 911 tapes.  Obama should have never ever commented about pending litigation, this is a Freshman error of a high degree. It does not change the fact that he made the comment and it is clear from his statement that he thought and presumed that cops are stupid. Obama ” Gates overreacted”

Give him kudos for the call, I respect that but he should have another press conference on race, and stop folks from cop baiting, police bashing and tainting all cops as racists.

Time for Gates to man up and be real instead of keeping “IT REAL DUMB” . The Professor is a smart, intelligent and media savy individual. He must use his talents to improve race relations.

Time for Gates to take a “sensitivity” trainning class. Pompous fools like him treat , cooks, waiters, sanitation workers, doorman, livery drivers , cops and similar working class folks as ” low lifes, losers, below him and his high degreed beautiful people “high society” phony friends.


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