Professor Gates “be hatin” The Cambridge Police.

Professor Gates Arrested

Professor Gates Arrested

The Smoking Gun has released some of the facts regarding the Cambridge Police Department’s response to a 911 call from a neighbor that individuals were committing a burglary at the Harvard Professor’s residence See

I still want to hear the 911 tapes, as an affidavit is from the perspective of the police officer who has an interest in the incident. Here is a link to Sergeants Crowley’s comments on this incident.

First Fact.

A call from a neighbor who identifies themselves to the police and gives specific detail about individuals and gives specific facts regarding conduct that constitutes a burglary gives the police probable cause to “stop, question and frisk ” the individual.


A citizen of Professor Gates Stature has superior knowledge of how to act in a civil and professional manner.  The Officer here when above and beyond  being courteous to a man who may have been committing a crime.


Armed with this superior knowledge it’s common knowledge that anyone can make a complaint against a police officer and a robust review of the facts will be made.


The President’s ( who is an attorney)  comments regarding this incident without hearing the facts displayed presumptive  bias against police officer. His acts are reckless , grossly indifferent to police officers across the nation  and perpetuates wrongful stereotypes that all cops are bigoted racists.


Generally speaking many Burglars are in fact older individuals with drug addictions who “case” homes and business looking for ez pickings and a “non encounter” with a home owner. As such the “cops” did not act stupidly.

I now know what President Obama is all about. He reverted back to his “activist” “acorn” progressive self. He has not grown, and displayed “poise” The President labeled all cops as “racial pro filers” who intentionally target minorities. This is patently false, and creates unnecessary racial tension and exacerbates an already tough job.

I love Professor Gate’s documentaries on DNA. I saw him in an Irish Pub when he found out he is part Irish, I thought he was a builder of better relations , a purist in pursuit of facts. He is a sham he must  apologize and eat some humble pie.


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