Dentist Drilled and Port Authority Cops Walk Attorney Claims

Attorney alleges Port Authority Cops Part of Insurance Fraud After His Client a Dentist is Found Guilty of  Fraud.

 It has reported that a Nassau County N.Y. Dentist Barry Cohan  has been indicted for Insurance Fraud.  The attorey for the dentist is up-set  and claims that 30 Port Authority Officers who availed themselves of the Dentist , may have actually had knowledge of the scam. See,0,1994890.story

The attorney  Ron Russo for the fraudulent dentist has made allegations of disparate treatment in the insurance fraud arrest. He is upset that the 30 Police Officers were not arrested nor charged in this event.  The Port Authority Inspector General stated they are investigating.  The Daily News first reported this in 2007 see

Generally, when you see Police misconduct it involves one or a small group. Here 30 Officer’s suggest an infestation, with the motive of ez money.  Medical Insurance Fraud is on the rise ( see and is a serious issue, if Cops were involved the Port Authority should expedite the investigation and fire the officers and demand restitution for any monies fraudulently received.  The union for the PA Cops may be found at


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