Religion By Rikers The Jail Jihads

Court Sketch Of Bronx Radical Muslim Terrorists

Court Sketch Of Bronx Radical Muslim Terrorists

The recent arrest ‘s of several  Bronx Men are examples of home grown Terrorist whose hatred of this nation (America) and Jewish Observers appears to have been cultivated and paid for by U.S. Tax Payers.   ( see )

These men apparently indoctrinated in Radical Islamismwere intending to blow up an American Cargo Plane and bomb a synagogue are troubling reminders of  domestic  terrorism. In August of 2007 the NYPD released a detailed study of this threat. See

It has been reported that the four men who were under observations for a year were incarcerated for past criminal offenses and converted to Islam in prison. PBS detailed the growth of radical Islam in U.S. Prisons see

Here is the Bombshell The mosque  that these terrorist prayed in is led by Imam Salahuddin Muhammad, also an Imam in the New York Prison System See

What Is The Role Of Religion In Prisons The ” Captive Audience ” and Separation of Church and State.

The arrests of these domestic terrorists raise fundamental constitutional questions, what role does religion play in our prisons and should we the taxpayer be footing the bill.   ( For a pedagogical discussion See )

At What Point Does Empathy  Convert to Aggressive Recruitment.

My grandfather a devout Catholic and member of the Saint Vincent De Paul Society prisons where he gave out candy and cigarettes.  Was my Grandfather an ambassador of Catholic kindness or a propaganda’s of the faith and or perhaps a synergy of the two.  However he dis not communicate  radical intolerant religous beliefs hell bent on killing Americans and Jews.

It has been reported that25% of the entire inmate population at Rikers Island is Muslim or converts thereto. See 

In such facilities they often demand ‘fundamental first amendment religious rights, and frequently demand special treatment and specially prepared meals. See  PETA brought one case demanding vegetarian meals. See

Like Birds of a Feather Flock Together By Race Fostering The US vs Them.

The Jewish Anti Defamation League ( present facts that suggest prisoners tend to group together according to their race.  We all know ” you need to be protected ” in prison, so they suggest a person who is Caucasian might join the ” ayran nation” giving an illusion of  membership in Aryan ideological belief. Bottom line its easy to target and exploit prisoners who frequently and  are already outcasts with little or no employment skills upon re-entry to society.  ” the fishing for souls is good”

Are Prison Officials Properly Monitoring Religious Sermons Or Are They  Subordinating Their Duty For  Prison Tranquility?

We all know that prisoner harmony is essential as Correction Officer are outnumbered by inmates who frequently are some of the most dangerous criminal in society. But at what price

With respect to the recent arrested prisoners we know they were jailed in N.Y by Imam Muhammad and later joined his mosque, coincidence or active recruitment.  Second what kind of sermons was he teaching under the guise of religion and with the present facts it is fair to assume and infer it was ” radical Islam”. 

 Where is the government oversight regarding religious teachings in prison. Apparently None Zero, Zip.

In America you can be jailed for a “Hate Crime”  and the intent of the law is to impose a harsher sentence on those whose intent and overt conscious criminal  objective is motivated by racial, gender, ethnic, religious, and or sexual orientation.

Perhaps this law was written in the context of the Holocaust, and the shibboleth of “never again’ was taught to us all as a reminder that ‘ hate” of another person and intolerance of others is anti American. ( Bosnia, Serbia, and Rwanda remind us that memories are short.)

Today we have an important colloquy regarding “detainee prisoners” with President Obama believing that prions “foster and fester” resentment against our nation and are fundamentally against our morals.  Former Vice President Cheney suggests that supervised enhanced interrogation and closing prisons was necessary to protect Americans.

The recent arrest of ” domestic terrorist” who honed there skills in prison demonstrates the difficulty of this matter. It’s not as easy as heads or tails.


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