LAPD Protective League Sense of Entitlement

police locker room

This week  U.S. District Court Gary Freess ruled that the City of Los Angela’s  must pay it’s police officers for the time it takes to put their uniforms on. ” 

Putting on — and taking off — uniforms and safety equipment is essential to the job and requires compensation.
The Judge apparently “piggy backed ” his decisions based upon a 2007 suit in which the  San Leandro Police Union brought the municipality to court over the same issue . See See$46619  My research reveals that the U.S. Labor Department my have started this economic tsunami, when they forced  Purdue  to make back payment to workers who had to ” dress” up in proper safety suits. See 
The Local news accounts of this decisions may be read at  :,0,2060482.storyGreedy

Unions Put Overall Membership At Risk By Demanding Monetary Compensation that non civil servants don’t receive.

The Los Angelia’s Police Protective League  is the union that negotiates wages and work terms for the LAPD officers. While I know the union’s job is to advocate for their membership. I personally believe that fighting for such de minimis benefits which I think are trivial make the union look greedy.  In these times of un precedented economic hardship this will cost the city millions they can’t afford and make Officers seem as they are immune to sharing the pain and have a sense of entitlement.   Here is another fact LAPD members get $975.00 per year to purchase uniforms , not too shabby.  See

Millions of Workers Put On Uniforms Don’t Get Paid For It, Neither should Police Officers.

The facts are that everyday, many businessman have to ” suit up” tie, pants, jacket shoes shined etc, all to keep a professional image. Airline Pilots , stewardess’s also must dress up in a uniform.

Civil Servants Now Compensated Better Than Private Sector.

In this troubling economy civil servants should be grateful for employment, benefits and a pension which are the envy of most tax paying citizens. A recent review of Michigan employment revelaed this to be true 

Unions often posture and use the compensation of Executives to justify their own compensation as non greedy.

A Tipping Point Pensions Earnings Are Dropping And Taxes May Have to Rise to Pay for Civil Servant Pensions.

However the real problem in this descaling economic market is that the generous public pensions have benefited from the previous economic expansion. Now that the stock market is in decline the projected investment earnings have fallen and will require hire taxes to maintain public pensions.  See

Public Unions Double Standard Feeling No Pain A Sense of Entitlement.

As the public is already overtaxed, unemployment rising, real wage growth declining , real estate,  wall street and the auto industry in a slump how long to union leaders think they can sustain such trivial benefits. In Toronto  see


2 responses to “LAPD Protective League Sense of Entitlement

  1. Good post–I had not seen that article.

    If this continues to be a trend, I think administrators will just think up ways to get around the ruling. Something like allowing officers the option of putting on their vests and equipment while the sgt. is talking during roll call (making it a hassle so that officers would choose to come to work dressed anyway), may be one option.

    Though the current ruling may allow compensation for dressing, I think any union pursuing it in this economy is misguided.

    Officers have a difficult enough job gaining positive public opinion (due to the nature of the job) to risk being perceived as greedy–seeking to be paid for getting dress just would not go over well with the large number of citizens scrambling for jobs and health insurance.

    • Thanks for the reply. In my opinion the 11th Amendment and notions of state soverign immunity are in play. However, as many states and City’s are waiting for Obama’s stimulus monies many won’t fight a powerful President.

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