Where Was Michael Jackson The Case of the Blue Surgical Masks

The Singer Michael Jackson and  Blue Surgical Masktch

The Singer Michael Jackson and Blue Surgical Mask

 Is Michael Jackson a common crook is this” King Of Pop ”  taking advantage of the deadly swine  pathogens which may yet  still cause a world wide pandemic?

 Was Michael in Mexico when thieves wearing Blue Surgical Masks made off with  stolen watches and blended into a crowd wearing the blue surgical masks. 

 Because of his ” habit”  and if we may say ” trademark”  signature trait of wearing blue surgical masks as his unique modus operandi  he clearly must be suspect  number one.

 We have motive ( financial hardship and duress.  As I would not want to piggyback of defamatory news regarding this icon.  It is not my subjective opinion  objective News reports  and the highly distinguished BBC have informed us that  Michael is near bankruptcy. Sadly even his beloved “never never land ” estate is for sale .  See: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/2943120.stm

 Sadly, in law enforcement we must follow every and it pains me to say Michael surrender, Michael you need help Michael we hate the sin but still love the sinner don’t prolong the inevitable don’t waste the taxpayer money in a dragnet to apprehend you come forward!

On a serous note, with most of the world concerned about a possible pandemic swine flu and caring about each other by taking precautionary measures ( mask, washing hands, covering our mouth when we cough).

Another class of persons thieves and criminals could care less. In fact Mexican police now report that perpetrators who stole some watches were wearing health masks when they stole some goods.  See http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090427/od_nm/us_mexico_thieves

This assisted their escape as they waddled into the crowd who were barely distinguishable as everyone had protective blue surgical masks on.

As the saying goes one man misery is another mans gold.  The CDC has released guidelines on travel to Mexico. See http://www.examiner.com/x-3804-Baltimore-Family-Travel-Examiner~y2009m4d27-Mexican-vacations-and-the-Swine-Flu


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