Mexican Drug Cartel Tells Members ” Just Say No! “

"EL CEDE" Leader of the family Mexican Narco Cartel

"EL CEDE" Leader of the family Mexican Narco Cartel

It seems more and more people are Hypocrites. Now add  the powerful Mexican Drug Cartel  known as ” La Familia ” who only draws members who are raised in the  Michoacan region (  of Mexico.  La Familia has a defacto employee handbook. And in their efforts make their  business model more effective, they are instructing and have trained thousands of employeees to avoid drugs and other vices. The orgainzation has up to 4000 members and pays them a repoteded salary of $1500. 00 ( See and   See;_ylt=AorOu2ziKP5bsGheRmlXhgASH9EA

It seems like Mr. Cedeno new effort to have ethics in his organization hit a snag after Mexican Police arrested him. See Mr. Cedeno in addition to his drug activities actively promotes prostitution of High School teenagers.  To keep his crew and enemies at  bay he is known to decapitate those who run afoul of his organization. In fact Mexico leads democratic nations in criminal executions. According to “EL Universal”  ( ) Mexico’s leading paper  ” in 2008  12,061 people have died at the hands of organized crime, 46.5% of them in this past year.  Multi-executions characterized 2008.  In August, a dozen decapitated bodies with signs of torture were discovered stacked in a pile in the state of Yucatan See For a summary of the organization see :

Mr. Cedeno was apprehended at a family celebration and Mexican police had to utilized an airplane and two blackhawk helicopters.  While his arrest is important , the DEA has reported displacement of the drug cartels as they head south to other nations. See

Mexico and here in the U.S. when one drug dealer is arrested or incarcerated, or killed another group quickly forms this is called the “hydra effect”. See


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