They Be Hatin the OPD

My title is from a musician who sings the NYPD “they be hatin”. On a daily basis good Officer’s encounter radical extreme activists who hate the police.   No matter how professional we are, no matter what illegal or unlawful behavior they have factually committed, Police are “harrasing” them because of their skin color. Every event is “racial profilling”, nothing has to do with their illegal, unlawful, behavior its police bias. This argument is losing ground as police agencies especially here in NYC become more diverse. See and see

They also influence impressionable young persons to develop the same vitriolic hate.  They encourage aggressive anti social behavior and will often suggest that you are a man ” a warrior” a solider if you get arrested or induce the police to do the same. Even in the midst of a cop killing spree in Oakland this week, they attempt to make the dead officers escape goats.

Fox News on the O’Reilly factor

is presenting a video in which many activists endorse the recent cop killer Lovelle Mixon’s gunning down of four Oakland Police Officers. The group called International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement ( sponsored the event.  They canted “OPD ” you can’t hide we charge you with genocide.  See

The video speaks for itself its pure hate speech. It condones extreme violence and does nothing to foster harmony.  Sad but true and alot of folks harbor similar hatred.


One response to “They Be Hatin the OPD

  1. One of the first comments I heard from streets via the local news station was “They was probably profiling when they pulled him over in the first place.” Yeah? Thank goodness for profiling then. The cop killer is now DNA linked to the rape of a 12 year old girl, was a prime suspect in two other murders and a long list of violent crimes, not to mention driving around with a loaded handgun in the front seat of his car. Now we know that he was stereotyped as well. I wonder why.

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