Caloric Entrapement

The La Times is reporting that a minor league baseball team is going to feature a  4800 calorie burger at it’s concessions.

burgerMajor League Baseball is in the sports industry, and it’s product is men who are for the most part in impeccable condition.  Yes, people have free will, yes people should be self disciplined, but my god if this isn’t self destructive eating I don’t know what is. Worse this thing takes on a ” I bet you can’t eat it mentality”  to many of the fans to whom beers , baseball and brawls is a summer ritual.

The American Heart Association gives some useful rules regarding caloric intake, and how many foods we eat are void of nutrients.   As with speeding over the limit, you do so at your own risk of a traffic ticket or a serious accident in which you risk serious injury or death.

We seem to permit, allow, market and encourage reckless behavior.  Reckless has been defined as ” heedless to the consequences” see

So, in my opinion if you gulp down  this $20.00 burger you are reckless to your health , and that a major league baseball affiliate is promoting same is offensive.


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