Recession Hits Police Departments


Today, another publication is presenting evidence that the economic downturn is impeding police operations.  See

Clearly as the state tax revenues decline municipal workers will feel the effects, however if the recession correlates with an increase in crime  cut backs in enforcment may accelrate the problem.  Many municipal police agencies are in fact attesting to this noting that “property crimes” have increased during the current recession. ( See and and

Lately in the Bronx, I have seen an uptick in criminal mischief to motor vehicles ( stealing side view mirrors). They break the mirror off and sell them to glass, window, and mirror replacement business.  This is also occuring in Suburbia see (

With so many unknowns and so many uncertainties surrounding the future economy, it only seems to make sense that as the public  unemployment increases, frustration and anxiety build up, it will result in an increased workload for Police Departments.


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