Criminals Killing Cops At Will In Mexico.

Mexico is out of control. Drug Lords rule the nation and are now killing cops indiscriminately.  The drug lords have their own music called ” Narcorrido”, and the music video above glorifies the drug trade and cop killing. 530 Mexican police officers were killed last year. Even with the assistance of the Army  Mexico has failed to stop the insanity.

News reports are now stating that drug criminals  nowhave the power to monitor and interfere with police communication.  Here is an excerpt  by a drug killer breaking into the police frequency threatening the police officer and informing him he will be killed if he does his lawful duty :

” You’re next, bastard … We’re going to get you,” an unidentified drug gang member said over the police radio in the city of Tijuana after naming a policeman.

The man also threatened a second cop by name and played foot-stomping “narcocorrido” music, popular with drug cartels, over the airwaves.

How  Mexico can permit and condone directly communicate to the police and tell them they will be killed if they engage in lawful police activity. For the full article  See

When a nation cannot protect it’s citizens, it is rogue. That Mexico border’s our nation make the situation scary. That Mexico’s economy is simultaneoulsy  imploding ( See )  makes it foreseeable that it will replicated Afghanistan where tribal fractions control regions, cities and overall economic commerce.

It is only a matter of time before Mexican drug dealers seize a ship in a tourist destination ( like Africa’s coast) and hold the ship ransom.  I’m not a big border control immigration guy, but clearly if the drug dealers control big narcotic traffic, they are exploiting and controlling the human trafficking.   Here is a nice link on the topic. See


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