On A Scale of 1-10 How Bad Were You Molested!


We have all read of the priest abusing children in the Catholic Church. See http://www.boston.com/globe/spotlight/abuse/ Many of the Cardinals, Bishops and perhaps even the Pope himself were aware of the abuse.   The worst part was the cover up, when Church supervisors became aware of child molestation involving their priests they simply sent them to a form of ” rehabilitation” and than transferred them.

Now, allegations that similar abuse was taking place in the Hasidim Community.  See http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=99913807

One of the Rabbis had the nerve to ask on the victims parents ” On a scale of 1-10 how bad was the molestation.?”  Such a statement is inappropriate, and intended  to mitigate and downplay the extreme emotional, physical and psychological injury caused to the victim and his family. That  such insensitivity is shown by religious leaders on word ” outrageous”.

The question now is whether District Attorney Charles Hynes will conduct two prong investigation.  First into the current allegations and second a preemptive investigation regarding adult, rabbinical and childhood care in the close knitted Hasidim Community. The “PBS” article states the adults and children are taking ” baths ” together, this is quite disturbing adults and children should not be bathing in a communal setting,  especially with predator shark child abusers in the water.

In New York City  and state the Hasidic Community despite it’s insular nature wields alot of political clout.  In fact because they ” follow the rabbi”  they vote as a bloc. ( See http://www.forward.com/articles/the-secret-behind-a-rocker-s-election-to-congres/

The inference to be drawn, which is consistent with other charismatic religious groups is that they ” stick together” in good and bad times with the ultimate goal to protect and serve the leader.

Will Charlie Hynes and law enforcement be able to step up to the plate and protect the most vulnerable members of society children, or will they defer to the political clout of the Hasidim Community.

Here is the link for survivors of child abuse in the Hasidim community. http://www.survivorsforjustice.org/Gui/Content.aspx?Page=Home


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  1. interesting.
    we obviously don’t hold the sole franchise.

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