Crime Increase as Economy Decreases

Andrew Wyeth

The inevitable is happening crime is going up as the economic engines of the nations slow down.  As we here the news the information regarding the economy is downright scary. Yesterday is being called ” black Monday  see for the massive layoffs in every segment of the economy.  They are reporting that world wide 85,000.00 persons were laid off yesterday.

Now a Police research group is stating that half of the nations Police Agencies are reporting spikes in crime including Robbery and Burglary. See

Even areas which have not been known as crime prone, such as suburbia are worried.  As more home go into foreclosure local governments are losing revenue and as the tax bases falls local government workers including police are laid off. See

See also ” As Foreclosed Homes Empty Crime Arrives.

In the dark days of the New York City Economy, the infamous words by Howard Co sell were aired during the second game of the World Series at  Yankee stadium; ”  Ladies and Gentleman there it is ” the Bronx is burning“, see many attribute this to landlords burning down their buildings to collect insurance monies. This was referred to as “ Jewish Lightning” see

England is trying to curb crime with” plane meaning” signs such as ” you must pay for all fuel”  Unreal see :


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