Riots In England Pro Hamas Anti Israel


Again civil disorder has struck this time in England.  Demonstrators  some estimate at levels up to 12 thousand persons marched against the Israeli government military action against HAMAS ( See: ) ( a terrorist group)  took to the streets of London, this according to Sky New Reports :

Reports state that English Police withstood several hours of ” missiles” being thrown at them as they attempted to control emotional crowds , which estimates place at up to 12,000 persons. It appears the ” throwing shoes” at the police is now in vogue. Recording artist ” Annie Lennox”  while addressing the protesters  stated the Israeli action was tantamount to a ” massacre”.

Increasingly we are seeing civil unrest with Police as the mis- directed target of the demonstrators.   Recently the shooting of an unarmed man in a Oakland “BART” subway station by a police officer resulted in demonstrators becoming engaged in violent riot behavior.  See

Past civil unrest in Greece, Iceland and other nations reflect that the current decade will see civil unrest rise to levels not seen since the 1960’s.  Riots have a long history see academics use language such as ” oppressed persons rebellion”, as they define a riot as ” mindless behavior”.

The increase in riots and violent behavior is increasing in synch with the  world economic down turn.   Additionally, the Muslim population is increasing in Europe, England’s Muslim  population is about 2.5 % of the nation. ( See  Muslims now out number  those of the Jewish faith and represent the largest non Christian denomination. See

newark-riots-1967-police-protect-firemanThis is important to note in riot causation,  because in the past  one of the factors cited as a  cause of riots is   a lack of meaningful participation in the political process. ( e.g. African American riots 1967 Newark) See

Anarchists PosterAnarchists  ) See:  like to define civil unrest with violent behavior as ” justifiable revoloution” and point to events such as the “Boston Tea Party” See: as evidence that their behavior is non criminal and in fact patriotic.

If you look at the video’s of recent demonstrations you see the Communist Flag,  and Anarchists logo’s. The posters in the London protest have a web site address of the “socialist party”.   Clearly evidence that many protest organizers have a political agenda which may be different than the intent of many protesters to exercise their free speech against the Israeli military action.

What all the recent demonstrations and riots have in common is  Communists, Anarchists, Socialist and Anarchists ” fusing”  with demonstrators with a sincere ” political message”.  ( i.e.  Israel Cease Fire, Police Misconduct )   However, many of the other groups participate in any public demonstration with the apparent intent to cause violence.

They always seem to try and dupe the police into action by throwing objects at them and baiting them with defiant language.  In doing so they hope to manipulate a Constitutional Peaceful exercise of First Amendment right into a confluence of violent and tumultuous behavior.

As John Lennon of the Beatles sang in his song revolution ” IF YOU GO CARRYING PICTURES OF CHAIRMAN MAO , YOU AIN’T GOING TO MAKE IT WITH ANYONE ANY HOW.

Sadly, as  the economy tanks substantially caused by  easy money, greed , dubious accounting , poor financial oversight , greedy  Banking, Wall Street entities  and with  cronyism dominates even the highest levels of government, the radical ideology  message becomes more appealing to the masses.


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