Oakland Riots The Return of “FUN CITY’S”

Last week during the New Year Celebrations Bay Area Rapid Transit Police apparently shot an unarmed man. The shooting may not be justified, and the Officer has already resigned from the BART Police Department.

There is no reason to believe that the Officer will not  be prosecuted for reckless, negligent homicide and or manslaughter.  As such the wheels of justice are in motion. The shooting is on video.

A fusion of  Oakland residents especially the Africn American community are rightfully upset at the incident.  Nevertheless a fusion of ” Anarchists groups are exploiting the incident for there own subjective New Social Order” They are replicating the behavior we saw in Greece. Namely destroying business establishments, torching vehicles and causing violent civil unrest.

Police Officials throughout the nation should be concerned as I believe this trend will continue, fueld by a downward economic period in our nation. This recession/depression will be deeper and darker that most are predicting. As such the population’s behavior will replicate the 60’s , and President Elect Obama will not be able to reign in the anarchist community which is organized, well connected and hell bent on a new world order.  We can thank Wall Street Greed for enabling them in their message.

Mayor Lindsay of "FUN City"

Mayor Lindsay of "FUN City"

In the 60’s Mayor Lindsay http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Lindsay walked the streets of Harlem during civil unrest. During the economic down turn and the ” black out” of the 70’s business establishments were destroyed by rioters. This resulted in a period of unbridled urban blight and crime.

All citizens have the right to be upset and request official review of Police Officer’s and their actions. When police are wrong and the courts concur the punishment must be fair and in accord with community standards.  However, the nation and elected officials must not accept the message of the anarchist community.  Police make mistakes, and in this one a fatal mistake, but we don’t live in a perfect world, emergency room doctor’s make mistakes yet there is no civil unrest when they cause a death.

For an opposing view on the Oscar Grant death See http://ianbone.wordpress.com/2009/01/09/oscar-grant-oakland-shooting-105-arrests-after-riot/


2 responses to “Oakland Riots The Return of “FUN CITY’S”

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  2. “All citizens have the right to be upset and request official review of Police Officer’s and their actions.” So true! I’ve read in a number of articles this week how the BART police system falls through the cracks-no accountability, no civic or public oversight. This is not the first case of a BART police officer shooting an unarmed man in the back. In 1992-Jerrold Hall was shot by Fred Crabtree with a shotgun in the back. In 2001, a BART police officer shot an unarmed naked man. We are witnessing a trend of coverup and negligence on the part of the BART police. Why is this? No police commission, no accountibility to the public, non-elected officials with no experience in law enforement…A lethal recipe for disaster. Oscar Grant must be the last. We need to get beyond just protesting in the streets. If that’s as far as it goes, BART police brutality and murdering will no doubt continue.

    Ryan McGivern

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