10 % of Stocks Went Through Madoff Simple Pleasures Matter

Perhaps Bernard Madoff will be remembered as the king of greed, and those who played in his kingdom  willing fools. Caught up in high society, prestige, recognizance, wealth, and keeping up appearances.

Have we forgotten simple pleasures ? Is our generation the ” greediest generation ever?

I walked my Schnauzers Roxy and Chancellor last night as the  gentle rainy snow fell.  It  was a quiet night and as I approached the oak trees I heard a peculiar sound similar to the crinkling of paper.

I looked up to detect where the sound was coming from. It was the snow falling upon the un fallen brown leafs of  the oak trees, beautiful, priceless and all mine. Some of us have forgotten small pleasures.

My father was in  a head on collision last month, his heart beat was irregular causing him to black out and loose control of his car.  Thank God the other motorist sustained only minor injuries.

I saw my father in the intensive care unit strapped down so that he would not pull out his breathing device, sapping my emotions, but making me awe in the power and will of folks to survive.

I have always been impressed with mans ability to ” survive”. I find that spirit in the Latino community who leave their native lands in order to find work so they may ” survive” in this world.  They overcome human traffickers, corrupt police, and than toil here in often deplorable , unsanitary and inhumane work conditions.  Being born an American is a simlple pleasure.

My dad is now in a nursing home with rehabilitation daily. Before a recent visit I asked him ” Dad anything I can get you” Yes a cup of coffee.  As I arrived and gave him the cup of java, he smiled and stated ” ahhh hot coffee, it feels so good , a simple pleasure”. I forgot that by  the time patients get their food it’s only warm.

Last week for the first time he left a medical facility, albeit in a wheel chair. As we stepped out into the December cool air,my dad stated ” ahhhhh wind and fresh air and he took a deep breath. , a simple pleasure.

Lets’ look at a clip about Bernie Madoff.

Some folks and institutions were duped and it appears  to keep his scheme going  that he wore his religion on his sleeve to gain the trust of the Jewish Community.

So many families and heirs whose families fled hostile anti Semitic Europe toiled  in deplorable conditions, sacrificed so there children could obtain an education have had there millennium savings and investments wiped out by this hoople, as such he is despicable.

As a New Yorker, I am proud of the wonderful medical, educational, artistic and humanistic contributions of the Jewish Community.  I’m an American of Irish ancestry, but being raised in New York and a cop in this beautiful city makes you part Jewish, African American, Caribbean , Latino, Gay, lets just  say metroancestural. Being a New Yorker is a simple pleasure. Madoff is not a New Yorker, we don’t act that way.


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