Cop Arrested In Greek Shooting

The above video has strong language a sampling from ICE TEA’S   ( F-uck the Police). Interesting in that Hip Hop is being used by the European youth and anarchists.

It is now being labeled the Greek Riots of  2008. A nice time line has been placed on

I firmly believe that the events in Greece are a precursor to future events in America. Despite the Obama election, deep divisions are present in society.  Recent events in Illinois regarding the Governor , in my opinion scratch the surface of the Fraud and Criminality in government today.

After over five days of riots in Greece triggered by a Greek Police Officer’s shooting of an unarmed young man, a Greek Judge has placed 2 of the Officers in Jail. See:

This despite reports that physical ballistic evidence has reportedly determined that the man died from the bullet ricochet, as opposed to a direct shot at the man. While I cannot comment on all the facts because they are being supplied by the news media, the situation and rule of law is clearly out the door. see:

The defense lawyer for the officer stated ” Unfortunately this tragedy is the result … of an act by the policeman to fire into the air. The bullet ricocheted, we have an entry wound from above,” Cougias told reporters outside the courthouse. “It proves irrefutably that it was a ricochet.”

Except in third world nations , rarely does one see a police officer incarcerated for police action until the trier of facts either judical or jury decides on whether the incident was justifiable.

If I were a cop or police  union leader in Greece I would not get involved in any matter until this is resolved. While we all have to face the music for our past bad or reckless acts, the knee jerk reaction to place the cops in jail is a defacto judicial determination of guilt. As such it shows an anti police bias, and that the Judaical system will judge police officers to a different standard and impute there official action is improper and succumb to public pressure. This is not blind justice it’s political expediency.

It will also empower the enemies of law and order. Int ice the police, bait them into a confrontation and they will go to jail. Just the message you want to send to  the ” motal tov” cocktail anarchist  rioters’.

Greece, is an indicator of where the world is heading in this economic downturn its scary stuff and coming to a theater near you soon.


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