Greece Riots Break Out Economic Unrest Fuels Anarchy

While a questionable police shooting of a teenager may have been the genesis of unrest. Riots have broken out all over Greece and a large factor is the economic unrest throughout the nation. This may be giving opposition opponents to the current government the ability to exploit a tragic situation.

In fragile nations , and even in up and coming nations like India demonstrated in MUMBIA, radicals may be able in the near future to control a nation. It is not far fetched, as more folks feel the pain of the economic downturn, they will be sympathetic to government opponents. Even if those opponents may be fascists, socialists, Communists and or radical religious groups.

Clearly it appears that the police shooting may have sparked riots .   See:

According  inital media reports, the police version of events,  stated a group of 30  youthts attacked them while they were in a police car. During the incident the police  shot and killed a teenager.  This event is causing counrtywide riots with firebombs being used against law enforcement officers.

Riot Police encounter crowd with firebombs

Riot Police encounter crowd with firebombs


Reports are stating that the Police Officer who shot and his commander have been suspended, and the office being brought to trial for murder. Despite government apology for the incident the unrest is growing in scope and intensity.  Reports are that participants are joining in civil disobedience largely because of  dissatisfaction with the present government and the nations declining economic conditions in Greece. See

First Iceland, now Greece. I am firmly convinced as the world economic recession/depression grows in depth and duration more of this riot/anarchy conduct will take place.  Police as the most visual representative of government will bear the brunt of the public dissatisfaction with the economy and politicians.


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