Iceland Economic Riots It’s Only The Beginning.

Today, I heard the news of riots in Iceland. Calls for the government to resign and attacks on a Police Facility after a protester was arrested.

The late great Justice Cardozo stated ” the harm that is reasonable to foresee defines the duty obligated”.

Iceland is a homogeneous nation, Caucasian blue eyed decedents of  Vikings. They are peaceful and have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. They were renown as Fisherman and had no political agenda or platform on the world stage close to out nation. But now RIOTS because there banks collapsed and with it the entire well being of it’s citizens.

Today, Americans are greatly overextended last night I observed on television one of those ” get rid of your debt ” firms. They stated the average American has ” 8″ credit cards.

Here is reality, A home worth less today than yesterday, 8 credit cards, a mortgage and home equity loan,( had to have a granite kitchen top)  car loans, ( had to have an Expedition)  trips and cruises on credit cards, ( I’m entitled to a cruise) borrowing from pension and retirement funds, ( You can’t take it with you, )  student loans that are in the hundreds of dollars, medical bills, co payments and dental expenses. We are a nation built on debt and we have been living beyond our means.

We will have our riots and we will not play as nice as the Icelander’s.

The passage of Proposition 8 in California denying gay Americans the right to marry is the first fault line.  Many in the gay community are shocked that the African American and Latino community did not support the effort for marital equality. This marginalization of civil rights will steadily increase with larger demonstrations. This will attract media attention and other groups will follow the tactic and groups will unite.  The second fault line will be the undocumented alien community ” DAY LABORERS” as the economy contracts they will be without work not able to feed their families  and taxing the non for profit ” activist” progressive community who will join them.  The largely Latino immigrant community will be organized by the Catholic Church whose future is dependent upon the Latino community support.   Lastly municipal workers will join as they have layoffs and are requested to take “pay cuts” because of a decreased tax base to the states.

Folks this will get scary. And the worst is yet to come.

David Bowie reflected on this in the 1974 with Young Americans, love from the Dick Cavett show, My how history repeats itself.


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