Is Martial Law On The Horizon?

The above video was taken after President Elect Obama’s election.  Williams burgh has become the South Village of New York, with a Bohemian edge last seen in the East Village  and the infamous ” Tompkins Park Riots’.  The New York Times and the Police Commissioner Benjamin Ward concluded that the Police were a major cause of the riots.  Below is the video of the event and for some information on this event please see

Tompkins Park, was in my opinion the last ” social uproar”  in the City, fueled by a lack of affordable housing, gentrification, government inaction to Homelessness and the correlation with mental health, lack of police accountability and professionalism and the East Village as the last affordable ” cul de sac” for the critical art community in New York.

The Issue- Would an economic collapse with a deep recession and or depression cause major civil unrest and will new technology allow agenda driven and or radical activist / anarchists to further cripple society.

Am I joking, and I a gloom and doom depressive soul . Not at all the financial collapse and the economic tsunami resulting will be devastating and most folks are naively ignoring facts.

Apparently during discussions between Congress and the Bush Administration led by Caesar Paulson there came a point in the dialouge that Treasury Secretary Paulson warned of a depression and martial law.

Martial Law  is a draconian measure ” the suspension of civil authority”  implemented during war occupation and periods of reconstruction.  During such periods our normal process of due process of the law is removed and persons arrested are processed through the military tribunals and Habeas Corpus is suspended. See;

See also:

Today’s news that Citcorp is teetering despite an infusuion of Saudi Arabian cash will have devastating global impact. Could they fail , clearly if AIG went under the answer is yes. see

With today’s instant communications via cell phone, tweeter, texting, facebook, digg it and myspace, large groups can mass together very rapidly. As such , disorder can occur very quickly and in today’s still omnipresent ” terrorist threat”  benevolent groups could be infiltrated and or targeted by this nations and the worlds liberty and freedom enemies.

I am concerned more than ever, President Bush and Caesar Paulson would have spent the remainder of the “TARP” bailout funds and doled them out to their friends, but they don’t know how to cure this disaster. See ;

If Social failures created the kindling for ” Haight Ashbury” in the 60’s and Tompkin Park in the 80″s an economic collapse will have its first civil unrest in Williams burgh Brooklyn, and the NYPD will have to be very careful in handling the social unrest caused by the villain’s on Wall Street.


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