Superfly ” American Gangster” Cops Sue New York Magazine

I have a romance with 70 cop shows.  However a real case involved a reputed Harlem Drug Lord Frank Lucas.  My source of this is a post on  Cityfile ”  Below is a clip from American Gangster, it is violent but the acting by Denzel Washington is superb.

In 2000, New York magazine published a story by Mark Jacobson called “The Return of Superfly,” which detailed the life and times of Frank Lucas (left), the drug dealer who cornered the Harlem heroin market in the late ’60s and early ’70s before he was brought down in 1975. The article was later turned into the movie American Gangster starring Denzel Washington, and now, eight years later, it’s spurred a lawsuit. Late last year, New York republished “The Return of Superfly” on and repeated an allegation by Lucas that the NYPD and DEA agents who raided his home also stole millions in cash.”

Apparently the now retired law enforcement personnel feel that the allegations that they took cash are ” defamatory”. Here is the law suit.


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