San Francisco Ponders Legalization of Prostitution.

It’s the oldest profession in the world ” prostitution”.  Today according to the Associated Press elected officials with the full support of the Democratic Party are considering legislation to legalize prostitution See also” SF safe haven for prostitution.

As a cop my concern is the ” pimps”.  Many young women are defacto slaves of these predators who exploit another persons human and bodily right to sanctity.  Pimps are often drug dealers, drug users, and inflict physical and emotional trauma on their women.

Some argue that prostitution is a victimless crime, they state that if a person voluntarily permits another to have intimate relations with them for cash its  just a unique form of ” hired help”. This may be true in some cases, but when a person solicits others to have sex with them they open up the door to attracting psychos, sexual predators, deviates and the like. Slate asks the question ” why is prostitution illegal in response to the arrest of Governor Spitzer of New York.

One thing is clear the retention of another person for sex has a qualitative and wealth factor. The rich like Spitz er go to fancy dealers ” the Cadillac of prostitutes” the working folks go to the Chevy and Ford less expensive prostitutes.

Vice Crimes such as prostitution also cause negative secondary effects.  Prostitution is associated with alcohol and drug abuse. In case of public prostitution ” street walking”  sex takes place in parked cars, alley ways and the like, often taking place in front of young children.

Will the City of San Francisco designated “SEX ZONES” similar to industrial parks and limit the negative effects, I don’t know. Who wants a sex zone next to their homes and apartments?

For further reading on this topic see.

1. Prostitution in Nevada:

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3. Netherlands Prostitution ( which concludes many undocumented young adults are exploited.

4. An empirical analysis ( economic in conjunction with Chicago PD) on street Prostitution.

5. ABC Diane Sawyer ” Prostitution in America”

And what is a better video to put a smile on your face after my typical serious rant.


2 responses to “San Francisco Ponders Legalization of Prostitution.

  1. Prostitution never should have been illegal in the first place. The problems “caused” by prostitution actually are caused by laws against it.

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