From California very disturbing news. Relatives of a Senior Citizen are alledged to have “BBQ” the remains of their  own grandmother. see also

The actions of the relatives are a clear indicator of EVIL . There are many who believe that a person or persons who engage in this deviate behavior can be rehabilitated. I don’t share this view, the act of roasting ones grandmother and making a necklace out of her skull is pure EVIL.  Under our criminal law  for a person to be found guilty of a crime they must have both a mens – rea and actus rea .

 Here that is the case they destroyed the body in order to preserve the social secuirty benefits from the decendent. They went further to make a necklace from her bones and place it on display on the internet. This show cognative, desire and intent they were consciously aware of what they were doing.

I don’t want to hear from the Doctor’s that the person is ” sick” and needs help. They are evil and need to go to the gray bar hotel , jail, a chain gang and they can pray on Sunday to the God of their choosing.


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