Derby England Mall Crowd Goads 17 Year Old Gay Teen To Commit Suicide.

First, my sincere sympathy to the family of  Shaun Dykes who was the victim of a modern day English Execution when a crowd told him to jump off the roof of a structure despite on going efforts of police to prevent his death. See;

As a Police Officer,  I often encounter mobs especially ” flash mobs especially “ . in this modern day age of instant communication.I can tell you they are quick to form and highly distracted, they become hell bent on achieving their goal. Normalcy disappears and wickedness  takes over and mobs engage in  foolish behavior and truly become paralysed by insanity at the time of the event.

Today reports from England report that a clearly troubled young man only 17 years of age  was goaded by a shopping mall crowd to jump to his death.  Police were communicating for over two hours with the young man, but apparently the sick, wicked crowd,  and apparently gay hating  mob  several whom were taping the event via their  phone cameras capturing the entire event. Sadly the mob encourage and convinced him to jump. It is reported the crowds were spewing expletives at him. See;

This is clearly a hate crime. This type of conduct had it’s genesis in shows like Morton Downey and now Jerry Springer. I’m sure England has it’s own version. This conduct is a sampling of the vitriolic hate that crowds behave in, and they are guilty of assisting a suicide a Felony in New York.

The residents of Derby who took part in this are savages.  The Prime Minister of England needs to address this personally, as his fellow countryman are engaged in highly immoral, uncivic and hateful criminal conduct.

I am outraged and appalled and this is there Matthew Shepard equivalent.


One response to “Derby England Mall Crowd Goads 17 Year Old Gay Teen To Commit Suicide.

  1. Truely awful – remind me never to goto Derby!


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