RIP NYPD ESU Lieutenant Pigott “Taser Cop” Commits Suicide

They are calling him the ” TASER COP” . Today I am deeply saddened to learn that NYPD Lieutenant Michael Pigott apparently committed suicide on his 46th birthday.–Cop-Kills-Self-on-B-day/3070006 I understand he leaves behind a wife and three children.

The Lieutenant had issued an apology to the family after his order resulted in the death of an emotionally disturbed man Mr. Morales.–policestungundeat1001oct01,0,6128399.story

Folks, if a physican makes a mistake in the operating room we don’t say he is a killer. At the most he/she may be negligent. As a member of  the Emergency Service Unit ( NYPD swat) he responded to thousands of calls for assistance and rendered aid assisting medically sick, injured and or emotionally disturbed individuals. In this ” taser death of Mr. Morales” he exercised poor judgment contributing to Mr. Morales death.  All the good work he did, all the names and faces that don’t make the press reports are forgotten and his legacy is tainted by one tragic incident. This is sad.

People say cops don’t care , REALLY, look at the circumstances here the man was in complete mental turmoil over this event. He cared so much he apologized on his own taking responsibility. We don’t see the big shots on wall street doing the same.

God rest Mr. Morales and Lieutenant Pigott, two New Yorker’s who didn’t deserve  this and whose lives would forever change after their encounter. I first wrote on this tragedy on Spetember 26th, 2008 and you can read my comments here.


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