McCain Campaign May Be Imploding Like Wall Street

The National Inquirer ( got the Edwards story right ) is stating that Governor Palin of Alaska has had an extramarital affair.

This investigation appears to be ongoing. However McCains announcement that he wants to postpone the debate with Senator Obama may be a sign that team McCain is calling a time out and re-focusing the campaign. Andrew Sullivan has been non stop in demanding proof that Govenor Palin’s child with down syndrome is a legitmate child from her husband. 

This reminds me of the McGovern campaign where  Eagleton his Vice Presidential Candidate failed to disclose that he had received medial treatment for psychiatric matters. McGovern’s campaign never gained footing thereafter as he was unfairly deemed not even capable of picking a proper running mate and thereby how could be be an effective President.

It appears McCain’s “NASCAR” MAMA may be crashing and flipping over, if this is true like John Edwards the nerve and the hypocricsay are unconsionable.


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