Congresswoman KAPTUR MAMA Know’s A Wolf Is In The Sheep Herd

Kudos to this Congresswomen Kaptur. My concern with Wall Street has been expressed by the chatting class.  Wall Street has yelled “fire in the hole” , evacuate but they were all airlifted out with their worldly possessions.  Thank  god some in Congress are now questioning the maniacs causing the panic and stampede. If you examine the Board of Directors of AIG Its a who’s who including Martin Feldstein from Harvard and a member of Goldman Sachs. ( any surprise AIG was bailed out GOLMAN was at risk). Why should we trust the unelected  new Caeser Hank Paulson a former Goldman CEO.  With respect to GOLDMAN, they eliminated their investment bank competitors and now BIG BUCKS DADDY WARREN BUFFET is buying a material portion of their firm, coincidence ? The big dogs are not on the porch the leash is broken and they want to bite the U.S. taxpayer in the ASS.


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