McCain Chief of Staff Mark Buse Gay Schadenfreude Galore

While it may be vogue to be gay today, in many professions being gay can threaten a persons career. Additionally, while there are many laws that protect GLBT’s from discrimination and harassment in the work place those who are subjected to such abuse may be severely scarred. My boyfriend has a friend who is a teacher, and fears that if he is outed parents will make him an outcast in the community.  Such a concern may be well founded especially in less progressive states where there are few laws to protect GLBT community members.

The GLBT community has worked hard to make the world and America a more tolerant country and as a nation I think we have made tremendous strides in improving and accepting GLBT persons in our society.

However, in many parts of the GLBT community, a person working for a Republican is a traitor an uncle tom a sell out and labeled a self hating homosexual. In this election many in the GLBT community are finding uber schadenfreude in the outing of Mc Cain’s chief of staff Mark Buse.

I find this vision to be judgmental and insensitive to the individual rights of every GLBT person to live the life they chose the most precious right is “the right to be left alone” to marry, love, live, work, share, care, play” as you chose, so long as you don’t harm another person.

Having said this the issue in this election is Caeser Paulson and the cataclismic events on wall street which threaten our entire way of life. The dollar is doomed  and un elected GOLDMAN personnel who materially contributed to the derivate , debt swap pacaging and pushed the eject button like fighter piolts with golden parachute’s  now want to crash into the safe haven of tax dollars.

The Huffington Post has more on this subject at


4 responses to “McCain Chief of Staff Mark Buse Gay Schadenfreude Galore

  1. Buse, regardless of his sexual orientation or gender identity, has deliberately promoted discrimination and violence against queers by being McCain’s Chief of Staff. If Buse is indeed gay, he should be the subject of community wide sex/dating/socializing boycott. Why should we have anything to do with people who deliberately endanger us and attack our human rights?

  2. To libhomo,
    I could not agree with you more.

    What is with these queers that feast on the toe nail dirt of the right wing wackos.

    As I am writing this I am listening to Rush Limboo just to see what his take on the debate is.

    Here a little queen calls in from some collage town in Wisconson. I say queen because if this guy is straight I am Queen Elizabith.

    After saying that his mother bought him a subscription to the Rush Limboo letter a year ago (an obvious attempt to stuff his head with right wing crap) he indicated that he with a ton of his colledge liberals friends assembeled in a hall to watch the debate.
    He went on to tell Limbaugh that at first his liberal friends thought that Palin looked like a moose staring at the head lights, but after she got going with her que card blather talking points, they were so amasied at how well she spoke, they now could not see what they ever saw in Oboma.

    I can’t believe for a moment, but this is prospectively another queen that will some day be a member of the Log Cabin nut cases, that will cleave to those who hate them, and those who vote every time to extend any misery in their lives. It can’t be anything but self hate.

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