Gay Euro Hatred Taints 2008 Gay Pride Events

I am a news junkie. And this summer over and over again I read of gay pride riots throughout Eastern Europe. And when I read such troubling news I am reminded that to live in New York and America as a gay American is a distinct honor and privilege. Yes America, has it’s zits but it is a beautiful beautiful face despite such cosmetic flaws.

This summer as many cities in America openly celebrate Gay Pride and as our community and generation see great momentum in the constitutionality of gay marriage we need only look at the openly hostile international global gay hatred. As we hear the words ” new global community” it is clear that many country’s especially the old ” cold war” regimes, the hatred of gay men and women is omnipresent.

It is also a clear and present danger to openly gay men and women, for as some ecomonic doors to many persons in those old soviet bloc have opened, the door of equality is being slamed in the face of gay people. Lets review some of this summers carnage at gay pride events; e

1. From the Washington Post see ; ” 120 persons arrested in Russia Moscow’s First Gay Pride Celebration.

2. Bulgaria’s first gay pride 60 arrested See ;

3. This July, Hungary Riots mar Hungarian gay pride see ”

I must give credit to those brave sisters of the soul who in the spirit of democracy exercise their fundamental rights to be who they are and fight for liberty. In my opinion there is a significant amount of Eastern euro-intolerance to the gay community.

What if you knew the men above, how could you run and hide when they are bleeding on the ground? Can you imagine the courage they have and the daily pressure they face at work, in their communities, and the impact it has on their lives.

How can we embrace all things ” euro” when such hatred is present in these nations. It seem to me that having a gay pride parade in certain nations is as bad as those crazed European soccer ‘s games which are frequently marred by imminent injury, mayhem and harm to innocent persons.

I wonder if the local Police and Governments are pro-active in infiltrating and dismantling these hate groups. Is it possible that forms of fascism and repressive communism are openly active in these new world order nations. Should we openly accept them in NATO and similar progressive world organizations if they can’t even stop riots and anarchy at local parades?

And perhaps its about time we board some Bruise Cruises, instead of Party Cruises and stand with our Eastern European brothers and sisters of the soul.



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