Bishop Tutu A Gay Role Model


In life we take a journey and for most of us the Irish saying that” the days are long but the year’s fly reflect the life of most of us in the working class. Many of the folks we meet are insincere, self centered, ambitious, lacking in manners, grace, charm and too often prejudicial in judging others.

Motivation to act is a form of behavior. Too many of us  including my self as well as  the current living generations act in infant like narcissistic behavior constantly as Frank Sinatra sang ” and have it my way.” What causes some to escape the lemming like, follow the pack mentality? Why do some fall off the path, get stuck, diverted, crash and burn or rust away from drug, alchohol, substance abuse or excessive vices? Why do some become great leaders? I don’t know but I know it when I admire them. Mandela, Tutu, Walesa, Gorbachev, Pope John, Churchill. Why do some leaders chose hate Khomeni, Hitler, Kim Jea Ku of Korea, Osama.

And why do the so called guardians  ( priests rabbis and in mans) of interpreting  the word’s of god albeit visa vi the bible or Koran, and scrolls chose to esphew words of hate  to their followers spreading fear, hate, animosity and stereotypes against those of us in the LGBTG community?   I don’t know and struggle to know why.

But there are great men and women who inspire me who take principled stands against all odds and often with a high risk of grave personal harm, incarcearation and even death. Remember in 1989 , the brave man facing a tank in China image-tianasquare.jpg

Bishop Tutu is one of those men.If you havent already made Bishop Tutu the fearless leader against racial apartheid one of your hero’s now is the time. Time and time again he is the sober beautiful beacon of understanding, compassion and what love means.

Bishop Desmond Tutu has chided the Anglican Church for it’s obsession with gays and stated the Church hould be confronting such issues as Hiv, Aids and Poverty. He stated that the church had an obsession with homosexuality, and that GOD MUST BE WEEPING AT SOME OF THE ATROCITES THAT WE COMMIT AGAINST ONE ANOTHER.” To read the whole article go to

For me Tutu is the man and his stance for gay community when he has no ” self Interest” is amazing. It makes me happy to know I am alive in a world with such great men.


3 responses to “Bishop Tutu A Gay Role Model

  1. I must say that, not a few weeks ago, I was happily bashing Christians for their homophobia.
    Till someone reminded me that not all Christians are homophobic, and that there are some who are beautiful examples of what the Nazarene taught. Yeah, Tutu is one such guy. Again and again, the little man is not fearless to say what he knows to be true. And he says it. Shame that so many people do not hear him.

  2. I am afraid Tutu will have to start packing up, because God Almighty is definately anti-gay. I’m quoting from the Amplified Bible. Lev 18:22 You shall not lie with a man as with a woman.It is an abomination. Lev 20:13 If a man lies with a a male as if he were a woman, both men have commited an offence – perverse, unnatural, abhorrent and detestable.They shall surely BE PUT TO DEATH.Their blood shall be upon them. Romans1:26-28 God gave them over and abandoned them to vile affections and degrading passions.For their woman exchanged their natural function for an unnatural & abnormal one.And the men also turned from natural relations with woman & were set ablaze with lust for one another, men committing shameful acts with men & suffering in their own bodies & personalities the inevitable consequences & penalty of their wrong doing & going astray, which was their fitting retribution.God gave them over to a base & condemned mind to do things not proper or decent but loathsome. I Kor 6:9 Do not be deceived – neither the immoral idolaters, adulterers, nor those who participate in homosexuality will enherit the Kingdom of God.
    God destroyed Sodom & Gomorra with fire because of their sodomy. Homosexuality was the order of the day.

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