Hooter Busting Cops a shift from donuts to wings?

hooter and swat

This morning I woke up hit the remote and did my daily dosage of television news. And Fox N.Y. talks about New Jersey Cops in Hooboken in a SWAT unit posing with Hooters girls. I couldn’t believe that the officers let their little heads control their big heads.

I remember in the Police Academy one of my instructors Juan, M. stated ” you guys and girls be careful that uniform attracts”.   And for some reason unknown to me there is a sizable amount of folks who ” love a guy in a uniform”.

To me the attraction of being a police officer was to get bad guys, my friends who were already cops told me such exciting stories, animated, action, dangerous,and exciting. So for me an “A” personality the adrenalin charged profession was appealing and still is.

Here the issue is exploiting one’s profession and debasing the integrity of all police officers. What is unreal here is that the officers took out specialty weapons ( loaded or not accidents happen) which is as a general rule a breach of police procedures as such high powered weapons ( in NYC) may not be removed or displayed without the permission of a superviosr.  The picture suggests  that the officers used  their position to take photo ops with the ladies  and as such this is unacceptable behavior for any officer and more so for a supposed ” elite” unit.

Members of the community should expect police officers to act in a professional manner while on duty and especially in uniform. This frolic and detour leads the viewer to believe that the weapons are a joke. It suggests that the paid officers have nothing better to do than chase a little tail, pose with sexy women and have a mutual show and tell. I wish I could say it’s sophomoric behavior, its worse it is adolescent, puberty driven behavior and worse reckless since weapons were given to civilians.

Go to hooters off duty if that is your freak, fine with me.  I will never judge what consenting adults do in private so long as no one is harmed.However exploiting the girls having them prancing  around  in their Hooter outfits with on duty cops is wrong.

The only favorable view on this for me at least they weren’t in the Dunkin Donuts shop with the counter staff.



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